Five Reasons Why You Should Go To Brentsville

This Friday is the highly-anticipated John Paul-Brentsville football game at 7 PM.  On a busy night, you may ask yourself, “Everyone’s going to this game…but do I really want to make the trip? I live so far away though, will it even be fun? Is it worth the time and energy to go support our football team at an away game?” Well the answer to all three of those questions is definitely yes, and you’re about to read why.

5. A Growing Rivalry

As far as rivalries go with John Paul, Brentsville is slowly making its way up the chain. With many JP students hailing from the Brentsville area, there are bragging rights between friends up for grabs. There is motivation to back up the talk between the two teams. The winning team emerges as the owner of those bragging rights until the next meeting. Although the rivalry is basically only in football, it is a growing rivalry nonetheless. Therefore, we need all the support we can to help power the Wolves to a victory over the Tigers.

4. It’s an America-Out

Who doesn’t love a hearty dose of freedom? Who wouldn’t answer the door when freedom knocks? Oh wait it doesn’t knock. Freedom rings. We live in the greatest country in the world so we decided to make it the theme for the game. Come decked out in the red, white, and blue to show your support for all that we love. Break out that corny American Flag t-shirt from the 4th of July and join us in celebrating our country because, well, we can.  The stands should be none other than a living memorial to Betsy Ross’ creation.American FlagBald Eagle






3. The Student Section

Without a home stadium and therefore without a true student section at home football games, this is our one chance to assemble as a student body and support our team as a group.  We get to be loud in the gym for basketball, but rarely are we able to do the same for football. As fans we need to make the most of this opportunity to show the team how much we support them. Bring all of your energy and enthusiasm to utilize in the noise-making for our players.

2. Friday Night Lights

You watch TV, you see many movies, you talk to your friends; you hear about high school football and Friday night lights. If you’ve never been to a Friday night football game, this is a prime opportunity to attend one for the first time. The atmosphere is incredible and the experience is like none other. There’s just something about going to a game like this which sets it apart from anything else. You definitely won’t want to miss out on the experience.

John Paul visits Brentsville in 2013

John Paul visits Brentsville in 2013 (Photo by: Mike Maraya)

1. The Game

It seems obvious, doesn’t it? The number one reason you should be at Brentsville District High School on Friday night at 7 is to watch the football game.  After a 38-14 thumping of the Tigers last season (also at their field), it’s needless to say that they will be seeking revenge for the lopsided loss.  After snapping a 39 game losing streak with a win in their season-opener this year, Brentsville (2-2) has generated a little confidence. However, after losing 39 straight, then winning two in a row, they’ve now lost two consecutive games. It should prove to be a tough, hard fought game.  Hopefully, with the strength of our support, we can provide a little more motivation to our team in their effort to defeat the Tigers for the second year in a row.  Also a win would increase our winning streak to four and inch us closer towards the playoffs. Don’t miss out on this experience to witness it firsthand by joining us to cheer as loud as you can.

So get EXCITED, get LOUD, and get HYPED.

And Brentsville: watch out.

The Wolves are coming for you.


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