Spirited Crowd Supports Volleyball

I generally tend to stick with game wrap-ups, but after the events of this afternoon, I felt it necessary to write a first person account of all that happened.  Today’s varsity volleyball game had to be the most enthusiastic display of fandom in recent John Paul history.  I attend many, many sporting events, and the events which come to mind over the last year which rivaled the enthusiasm of today were the Ireton football game, the soccer playoff game, and the Orange-Out basketball game.

While the effort of the girls did not result in a victory, it was the atmosphere which left the lasting impression.  The volleyball team promoted the game and asked for a large group of supporters; ask and you shall receive.  The hype squad was assembled and for some, they were about to experience volleyball at JP for the first time.

The volleyball team takes on St. John's (Photo by: Paul Fritschner)

The volleyball team takes on St. John’s (Photo by: Paul Fritschner)

Chants of Saint John Paul the Great Fight Fight Fight! rang out throughout the gym after nearly, if not every, point the Wolves earned.  After dropping the first two sets, John Paul faced match point twice in the third set, but rallied to win it in dramatic fashion.  The crowd erupted as the plays transpired, and I was enjoying every second of it.

The third set would be the only set to go the way of the Wolves despite a valiant effort all match long.  Win or lose though, it was still an incredible time.  I have a new-found appreciation and attraction to a sport I had not witnessed much first person in high school.  Along with the group of supporters I was in the stands with, I would hazard a guess that today was not the last time the hype will be present for volleyball.

Volleyball gets ready to return the ball (Photo by: Paul Fritschner)

Volleyball gets ready to return the ball (Photo by: Paul Fritschner)

“The fans really helped us pull through and kept the energy up for us and we can’t thank them enough!  It was amazing hearing everyone from the stands,” said senior Katherine Duquiatan.

Whether it was a Friday afternoon, the sport itself, the friends people came to watch, or just to support the team, the volleyball game this afternoon was a spectacle to behold. Is there a tad of bias cause I was in the crowd too? Maybe…but even still I can attest to the fact watching that game was an experience I will remember for a while.

If you would like to see the team in action yourself, your next chance is at home on Tuesday.  Win or lose, thanks for a great experience today ladies!


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