Volleyball Madness Ignites the School

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In John Paul’s own version of March Madness, the elite eights houses gathered in the gym last Thursday for an action-packed volleyball tournament. A bracket was created for teams of about 20 to square off in five minute matchups. But there was one twist to the game–the volleyball was gigantic.SteveMiller_AquinoVolleyball_SteveMiller

The first round of action pitted the Houses of Ruiz and Diego against each other while Castello and Martin squared off simultaneously on the adjacent court. When Diego and Martin prevailed, More faced Dominic while Gianna took on Aquino. After More and Aquino punched their tickets to the final four, the intensity kicked up a notch.

Pernell Adgei led Martin to a victory over More in the semifinal by way of his overpowering serves. “Watching Pernell play lifted my spirits,” senior Paul Roder said, “but it was also funny to see people get decked by the giant ball.”

And in the other…

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Steve Miller has been baseball blogging since 2011. He served as the Sports Editor at the University of Dayton's Flyer News for two years. Email: h2rsteve@gmail.com
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