Aquino Wins Spirited Basketball Tournament

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The eight houses of John Paul the Great gathered in the gymnasium last Thursday ready to clash in a pedal to the metal basketball tournament. Each game lasted just four minutes, creating an electric atmosphere as most matches were decided in the final seconds. And as good as the games themselves were, stories outside the lines were just as entertaining.

The semi-final contest between the Houses of More and Castello was tied up halfway through when senior Zach Vaughn drained a jumper from beyond the arch that put Castello up. It was knotted up again with seconds remaining as Castello senior Matt Rayhel was hacked on a layup attempt. He made a free throw to put his house in the finals.

But Castello’s real spectacle was their coach Douglas Parker, an eccentric junior who sported the getup of Rick Pitino, complete with gelled hair, as he led his team to…

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