Friday Night’s Orange-Out is a Can’t-Miss Event

The most electric sporting event of the year at John Paul the Great will take place this Friday night when both the boys and girls host varsity basketball games in the third-annual Orange-Out. For the past two seasons, the JP community has come out in vast numbers donning orange apparel in support of Leukemia out basketball 2011

In May of 2011, JP’s own Sarah Jakielski (class of 2014) was diagnosed with Leukemia. She fought hard for seven long months as her struggle united the community in prayer and support. Sadly, Sarah passed away on December 13th of the same year; however, her influence on our school was just beginning.

That week, JP students, staff, and parents poured into the bleachers wearing orange for the varsity basketball games. Last December, the tradition continued and the support was just as great.

This Friday, both varsity teams will host Christ Chapel Academy. The girls game starts at 5:30, while the guys play at 7:00. Preceding these two games, the boys JV team will play at 4:00. Please plan to attend at least one, if not every game. And wear as much orange as humanly possible. The atmosphere is truly inspiring as fans are cheering not just for basketball, but for a united school, and for the legacy of the girl whose brave struggle strengthened the whole community.

During both games on Friday, the National Honor Society of JP will be conducting a bake sale in the gym lobby, the proceeds of which will benefit Catholic Charities. Please bring some extra cash for this beneficial, and delicious, event.

We hope to see you there!


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Steve Miller has been baseball blogging since 2011. He served as the Sports Editor at the University of Dayton's Flyer News for two years. Email:
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